iCE 6: Feature Index

Here's a comprehensive list of features and resources for Loqu8 iCE 6.

Based upon pioneering work at Stanford University and California Institute of Technology, Loqu8's augmented learning technologies are helping individuals and businesses in 179 countries around the world.

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Top Features

In every survey, our users repeatedly told us that these were the most helpful functions

- LiveScan
- HighlightScan
- Lookup

Settings: Operation, Popup, Show (ColorTones, HSK)
Videos: QuickTour, Breakdown, Bopomofo and Pinyin

Pronounce and Auto-Pronounce


Listen and learn conversational Chinese

- Pronounce  
- AutoPronounce
- Voices
- Premium voices with rate control

Settings: Speech
Download:  Text-speech voice

Word lists

Word Lists

Access the word lists

- Lookup and Find idioms
- Favorites
- History

Settings: Favorites, History



Create a new dictionary entry or add new dictionaries

- Add new entry
- Manage dictionaries

Settings: Dictionaries

Download: Chinese-German dictionary, Chinese-French dictionary

MLX Auto-translations


Multi-language extensions (MLX) auto-translation

Settings: MLX Auto-translation, Google Translate Service
Videos: Google Translate Service, WebTranslate