Installing and Using Premium Voices

For $20 USD, Loqu8 provides high quality Chinese voices and more


Buy Loqu8 Premium Voice extensions

1. Open the Settings dialog by clicking the wrench icon on the iCE toolbar
2. In the Speech section, click the + icon for Add voices
3. A new browser window will open a secure payment page for Loqu8's "Premium Voice Extension"
4. Enter your payment information

Once your payment has been accepted (allow 24-48 hours), the Premium Voices will be available. If you are unable to use PayPal, contact Loqu8 for alternate payment methods.


Once your payment has been accepted, the Premium Voices will automatically install when you start Loqu8 iCE.

1. If Loqu8 iCE is running, close the application
2. Restart Loqu8 iCE. You should see a status bar on the bottom of the main window.

Restart Loqu8 iCE to install Premium Voice Extensions

Adjusting Premium Voices

Open the Settings dialog to configure your new Premium Voice Extensions:

1. Choose a premium voice: Microsoft Server HuiHui, Microsoft Server HanHan or Microsoft HunYee. The first two are Mandarin Chinese voices; the HunYee is a Cantonese Chinese voice
2. Adjust the voice rate by sliding it left (slower) or right (faster). With rate control, you can focus on listening to the nuances of each tone when you are learning Chinese; speed up the rate to practice conversational Chinese.

Adjusting Premium Voice Extensions

About Voices

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