Get started with Loqu8 iCE with these helpful guides, interactive guides and sample documents.

Take a few minutes to get acquainted with Loqu8 iCE 7 and its powerful scanning, lookup, pronunciation and translation capabilities.

Feature Guide

Feature Guide

Quick guide to key features of Loqu8 iCE Learn Chinese, Version 7. From the main window, lookup any word from the 113,000+ entry Chinese-English dictionary.  Point (LiveScan), highlight (HighlightScan) or copy (ClipboardScan) Chinese text to experience a powerful way to learn Chinese--your way.

Loqu8 iCE Editions - comparison

Loqu8 iCE Editions

What's the difference between Standard and Professional editions? What about the Free edition? Comprehensive comparison chart of the various iCE configurations.

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Walk through the steps for installing Loqu8 iCE on your Windows computer. You'll find information on installation options, starting the program, entering your license key and even uninstalling the software.

Installation Guide

Guide to Settings

Personalize Loqu8 iCE with the learning aides you need today. As your proficiency in Chinese improves, change it to best fit your needs.

Sample study sheet

Sample Study Sheet

Generate custom study sheets with Loqu8 iCE's powerful Copy+ command with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

Winter Olympics: (PDF, 2 pages)
Environment (PDF, 2 pages)

Select customers

Select Customers

Look who's using Loqu8 iCE (and other products powered by Loqu8's innovative augmented learning engine). Students at the world's leading universities and institutes of higher education. Business professionals, ex-patriots plus workers at government, NGO and other organizations. (PDF, 4 pages)

Datasheet for Loqu8 iCE 7


Highlights of Loqu8 iCE Learn Chinese. Includes comparison chart of Free, Standard and Professional editions. (PDF, 2 pages)

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