Personalizing Loqu8 iCE 6

Adjust the settings to match your preferences and learning style.


As your proficiency in Chinese improves, tune the settings to meet your emerging needs. It's like removing "training wheels" from your bicycle--only a less scary. For example, if you've slowed down the speech rate when you're learning pronunciation, gradually speed up the speech rate to practice hearing and speaking Chinese at conversational rates.

Personalizing Loqu8 iCE Learn Chinese


Personalizing Loqu8 iCE 6.5 Universal Unlimited Your way Settings Open Settings for Standard and Professional Editions Settings for Free Edition Operation Operation Popup Show Show Speech Speech MLX MLX Copy+/Export Copy+/Export Services Advanced Settings Advanced Settings Dictionaries Dictionaries Favorites History History Extensions Reference Shortcuts Shortcuts Shortcuts Back cover



iCE Version 6

If you're already purchased a license and need to re-install Loqu8 iCE 6, you've come to the right place.


Version is the latest version for iCE 6 customers. To upgrade to iCE 7, contact Loqu8

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