Loqu8 Acceler8 Partner Program

Acceler8 is Loqu8's business associate program from educators, organizations, affiliates and resellers.


Use Loqu8 iCE to generate interest for your Chinese language courses. Help prospective students develop invaluable skills for today's global marketplace.


Here's a great incentive for your next fundraiser. Help your supporters see tangible benefits of their financial support for your association, club or other organization.


Are you (or your website, blog, etc.) the go-to resource for many others? As a thought leader, are you recognized as one of the foremost authorities in your area of specialization?


Increase your profitability with innovative Loqu8 products. Look to Loqu8 for exclusive products with custom capabilities and branding.

Acceler8 is a service mark of Loqu8, Inc.

Customer Experience

Our users, from the U.S. State Department to the United Nations Office at Geneva, are excited about Loqu8.

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