Personalize Loqu8 iCE to fit the way your learn today--and tomorrow

Just starting to learn Chinese? You'll appreciate how iCE can hide advanced details and let you focus on the meanings. Hear words read aloud at a deliberate pace as you concentrate on hearing the tones.

Intermediate learner? Show all the details (HSK, Pinyin, tone numbers, definitions, ColorTones, etc.) that are useful to you. As your proficiency increases, practice your conversational Chinese with pronunciations at full speed. Take advantage of iCE's custom dictionaries* and export capabilities to work with other learning tools.

*Some features are supported only in Standard, Professional and Ultimate Editions.
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Change settings


Startup and popup window options


Select only the details (Pinyin, tone numbers, definitions, ColorTones, etc.) you want to display


Enhance your learning by hearing Chinese read aloud to you


Highlight Chinese text and let the popup windows show you the meaning

  Copy+ / Export

Enter/export Chinese text, pronunciations and definitions into other programs. Now supports Anki!


(Optional) Fine tune the way popup windows appear and respond to you


Quickly access popular functions with these keyboard accelerators


(Optional) Add web services (e.g., images from


Show the meanings of words from your custom dictionaries--or other language dictionaries


Keep track of words and phrases you've seen recently


(Optional) Additional settings

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