Startup and popup window options

Settings > Main

Open Settings to the Main tab.


In this section, you may enable (or disable):

  • LiveScan: show popup when pointing to Chinese text
  • HighlightScan: show popup when highlighting Chinese text. Not available when ClipboardScan is enabled
  • ClipboardScan: show popup when Chinese text is copied to Windows clipboard. Not available when HighlightScan is enabled
  • Keyguard: Popup only with this key combination (Ctrl, Ctrl+Alt, Ctrl+Shift)
  • Pin to desktop: Freeze position of the popup LiveScan window
  • Dismiss on click: Click outside popup window to close


Options when Loqu8 iCE starts up.

  • Auto-start: Start Loqu8 iCE when computer starts up
  • Minimize on start: Minimize Main window (Lookup, Favorites, History) on start up
  • Systray mode: Hide Main window. Click Loqu8 iCE icon to open window and keep it on top

Some features are supported only in Standard, Professional and Ultimate Editions.

Other Settings


Customer Experience

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