Quickly access popular functions with these keyboard accelerators

Settings > Hotkeys

Open Settings to the Hotkeys tab. By popular request from professional translators and busy professionals, keyboard shortcuts may now be selectively enabled/disabled. Keyboard accelerators provide immediate access to popular functions--without moving your hands away from the keyboard.

Tip: Why would you disable a hotkey? Some applications may use the same keystroke combination. To quickly disable all hotkeys, un-check the first item: Hotkeys.


  • Hotkeys: enable all keyboard shortcuts


  • Pause all scans: temporarily stop all scans (LiveScan, HighlightScan, ClipboardScan)
  • LiveScan
  • HighlightScan

Last Capture

  • Lookup last capture
  • Breakdown last capture
  • Repeat last capture

Copy and Export

  • Copy
  • Copy simplified
  • Copy traditional
  • Copy Pinyin
  • Copy Bopomofo
  • Copy definition
  • Export


  • Open Lookup window
  • Take screenshot
  • Pronounce
  • Edit word
  • Quit program

Some features are supported only in Standard, Professional and Ultimate Editions.

Other Settings


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