Enter/export Chinese text, pronunciations and definitions into other programs

Settings > Copy+ / Export

Open Settings to the Copy+ / Export tab. In this section, you may enable (or disable) settings for selected text. Preview your changes in the window.

  • Add phonetics (Rubify): add first definition (RubyDef) and show definition above punctuation. Also specify fonts for Ruby and Chinese
  • New! Open target folder after exporting
  • New! Include sound files (Anki export only). Export flash cards using wav, mp3, mp4 or wma audio formats
    Tip: To add MP3 format, download lame.exe file from an third-party site
  • Place definitions into table: use "Show" settings to control which items are included in the results table.
    Add table header- shows field names (column heading)
    Show numbered definitions - instead of semi-colon, number each definition

Some features are supported only in Standard, Professional and Ultimate Editions.

Other Settings


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