Take control of your learning

Point* with your mouse and Loqu8 iCE pronounces the words in Mandarin (or optional Cantonese). Immediately understand the text with the popup window. See the meaning and usage notes explained in English—or your favorite language.

*If KeyGuard is enabled, press Ctrl, Ctrl+Alt or Ctlr+Shift when pointing to Chinese text.
Loqu8 iCE 8 - LiveScan

Point and understand

Loqu8 iCE works inside the websites, documents and emails that are important to you. The LiveScan popup window pronounces word and phrases in Mandarin and Cantonese. Follow along as you view Pinyin phonetics and meanings in English and other languages.

With over 114,000 entries for contemporary words, names and idioms in the Chinese-English dictionary, iCE has the vocabulary you need to master Chinese. Since this dictionary is installed on your computer, it's always available--even when your Internet connection is slow or unavailable. Additional Chinese dictionaries and samples are available.

  • Chinese (simplified and tradition) - characters are enlarged and shown with ColorTones. Easily view character and stroke details
  • Pinyin (or Bopomofo) phonetics - guide pronunciation
  • Meaning - definition (in English, et al.). Personalize definitions with your own meanings, usage notes and examples
  • Add to Favorites - tag for future reference
  • More - show related words and phrases
  • Optional. HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) level for Chinese proficiency test. Basic words are HSK1; advanced words are HSK6


When you move your mouse cursor into the window, the toolbar will appear.

  • Pronounce - hear the words read aloud
  • Copy to clipboard - copy words to the Windows clipboard
  • Take screenshot - save screenshot into your Pictures folder
  • Add to Favorites - tag for future reference
  • Change Settings - open Settings window
  • Pin window - hold window on the Windows desktop
  • Close window - window closes, but iCE will still be running in background

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Our users, from the U.S. State Department to the United Nations Office at Geneva, are excited about Loqu8.

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