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Loqu8 iCE 8 - Group

Add/Remove Fields

Add/remove fields

Right-click on the Column header and choose from the Field list to add (checkmark) or remove (no checkmark). To hide a column, you may also click on the column name and drag it away.


Sort Lists

Click on the Column header (Term, Pinyin / Definition, etc.) to sort ascending (triangle pointing up) or descending (triangle pointing down)

Select Group


By default, Favorites and History lists are grouped and shown in chronological order. The most recently added words are shown first; the oldest favorites are at the end of the list. Click on the round arrow (next to Starred: Today, etc.) to display or hide groups.

Edit Group


To change groups, Group bar must be enabled. To add a group, drag a field name from the Column header (Term, Pinyin / Definition, etc.). To prioritize a group, drag it to the left of the first group. To remove a group, drag it from the Group bar.


To view or change groups, enable the Group bar. Open Settings > Show. Enable Group bar

Enable Lists

Field List

All of these fields are available in any of the Lists (Lookup, Favorites, History).

  Field   Description
Favorite Tagged as a favorite
First seen Time stamp when first viewed or used
Last seen Time stamp when last viewed or used
Seen Number of times this has been viewed or used
HSK Chinese proficiency level (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi)
Length Number of Chinese characters in the word or phrase
Source Translation dictionary
Term Word or phrase
Pinyin / Definition Pinyin and definition (usually the English meaning)

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