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Immerse yourself in Chinese

Right-click and suddenly you're searching Baidu for real life examples, news stories, images, videos and music. With Loqu8 iCE as your personal guide, do it all without the need to type Chinese. That's the power of augmented learning.


Find related Chinese words from the dictionary


See the components of a compound word or phrase


Auto-translate using Google Translate and Microsoft Bing


Find examples of selected words used in sentences, images and videos in popular Chinese sites (Baidu, Sina, Line Dictionary, Google) and more.


Hear the selected word(s) read aloud in Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese)


Copy and format selected word(s), definitions and phonetics (Pinyin) to create a study sheet

  Copy from...

Selectively copy just the Chinese (simplified, traditional), phonetics (Pinyin), etc. to be pasted into your documents, emails and IM. Hint: this is much faster than manually writing (stroking) Chinese characters with an input method editor or writing pad

  Add to Favorites

Tags the word for future reference; same as clicking on the Favorites star


Create new definitions and usage notes for your personal dictionary


Saves the selected words into a file. This can be shared with another application (flashcard, etc.)

*Some features are supported only in Standard, Professional and Ultimate Editions.
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