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Loqu8 iCE 8 - Export words and lists

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Share the words (Chinese, Pinyin, definitions) from iCE with your other applications. It's only a few clicks to save the contents of any word list (Lookup, Favorites, History) or scan window (LiveScan, HighlightScan, ClipboardScan) as a file. Right-click and choose Export.

Tip: From the word lists, use Ctrl+A (select all), click+Shift or click+Ctrl to select the entries you want exported.

1. Select the word(s) you want; Ctrl+A to select all
2. Right-click and choose Export
3. Choose your file format

File Formats

  • Text (tab delimited UTF-8): popular text format used on the web and Linux
  • Text (tab delimited UTF-16): popular text format supported by many applications (Java, Windows, Linux)
  • CSV (comma delimited): commonly used by spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) and databases
  • Rich Text Format (RTF): used by word processors (Microsoft Word)
  • Web Page (HTML): used by all web browsers
  • Anki (tab delimited UTF-8): popular flash card program for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or web.
  • CEDICT (CDT): Chinese-English dictionary format
  • Pleco: Chinese learning program
  • ZDT: flash card program (Zhongwen Development Tool)
Adjust Copy+/Export settings

In Settings > Copy+ / Export, select the elements and format you require: phonetics, definitions, table header, font, etc.

Customer Experience

Our users, from the U.S. State Department to the United Nations Office at Geneva, are excited about Loqu8.

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