Support: Mozilla Firefox

Enabling the Loqu8 iCE add-on

Enabling Firefox

After installing Loqu8 iCE, enable the Firefox add-on. This allows iCE to support LiveScan and HighlightScan functions for web pages with Chinese text. Whenever Firefox performs a "silent upgrade," your add-ons may be disabled. Follow these steps to re-enable Loqu8 iCE Learn Chinese.

Firefox > Add-ons

1. Click the orange Firefox menu and choose Add-ons

Enable Firefox add-on to understand Chinese

2. Open the Extensions tab
3. Locate Loqu8.Capture.Moz and click the Enable button
4. Close and re-start Firefox

Loqu8 iCE Learn Chinese will now use LiveScan and HighlightScan functions on web pages with Chinese text


iCE Version 6

If you're already purchased a license and need to re-install Loqu8 iCE 6, you've come to the right place.


Version is the latest version for iCE 6 customers. To upgrade to iCE 7, contact Loqu8

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