Premium voices, support for Windows 10 and more in iCE Version 8

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Current subscribers will receive minor updates and major upgrades at no charge:

  • Minor updates (from v8.0 to 8.1): FREE
  • Major upgrades (from v7 to v8): FREE

Users with Perpetual Licenses

With each perpetual license, all minor updates are included at no extra charge, but there is a charge for major upgrades:

If you own Version 7 or earlier, you may purchase the newest software at a special upgrade price. If you didn't receive an email from Loqu8, then send us feedback from inside Loqu8 iCE program. In the comment field, tell us "Upgrade to iCE 8." Alternatively, you may contact us with your original email address (used to purchase the software) at sales@loqu8.com


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From the main window, choose Help > About to show your version and edition of Loqu8 iCE.

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Our users, from the U.S. State Department to the United Nations Office at Geneva, are excited about Loqu8.

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